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Sand Dunes

Levee Town (2009)  

Small Change Series

Wordtemple Press

Santa Rosa CA




             Relentless heat

bears down

            our commute across town

                          past Charles Street 

            where dump trucks drive in empty each morning 

                          then drive out full 

                                       past chain link fences around brick schools

                          a sign that boasts Katrina won’t keep us away


Trash bins on every block

            porta potties on most every block

                         except our worksite has no plumbing 

            so we take turns at a FEMA trailer across the street—Tony’s sister 

                         Jocelyn from Gentilly.  She doesn’t seem to mind 

                                       welcomes the friendly chatter 


           Maneuvering through to the back, every square inch of her 5 foot-FEMA space crammed—tv, clothes, stereo by the oven 

           then you squeeze through a 2 foot-wide door—a feather’s gap between it 

                                       and the toilet

                        no graceful way to it   

                        and when you do sit

                                      like a clap on the back

                                      the seat cover promptly falls forward 

                                      this is annoying

cover levee town.jpeg

Silk (2008)

Pillow Road Press

Sebastopol, CA



                       “We’ll always have Paris.”

                  (Overheard in the Aurora Café)
And that’s poetry, as usual—
this is a poem that skips down the aisle
kisses an old woman on her cheek,
shakes the hand of a man with a beard
and then, curls up in the corner
and goes to sleep.

cover of silk.jpg

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156 pages

$15 (incl. shipping)

Tape Recorder On (2008)


Sebastopol, CA



There is a moment before the birds 

                  begin their dawn-song

before the waves form into a curl

the second before an elevator lurches 

or the orchestra rehearses

              tuning their strings to the perfect ‘a’

a moment before

the inhaled breath for the steps that lead off 

                          the high dive

                    racing heart beats to heel bones

before walking to a podium

             exposed as an egret 

                           in a swamp night’s darkness

suspension yearns

                    for simplicity, resolution:

               bites of peaches sliced

                             sweet potato fries

               ice cream trucks and push of bicycle pedals

                          soap carvings and taut orbits

cover - taperecorder on.tif

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56 pages

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Memory in Salt (2007)


Sebastopol, CA



This is what happens

           to you to them
           their hands
rivers swollen and crisscrossing crevices


reach out for the teacup and saucer
and a napkin and cookie


and the clattering of china begins
             like gentle symbols played
             with a triangle to a crescendo


             straining to hear
             what the other said
a din of rustling
as the cookies dance on their napkins


a choreography of jolts and spasms


cover - memory in salt.jpg

Books can be ordered directly from Nancy by clicking the button below.

40 pages

$12 (incl. shipping)

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