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This event was held February 15, 2022 and featured 5 poets, doing readings and an open mic afterwards.

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Nancy Cavers Dougherty

A poet and collage artist, her love of the creative arts goes back to her childhood in Massachusetts. She continues today with explorations of the interweaving of music, visual arts, and the written word. She is an advocate for local programs in the arts and human services in Sonoma County. Her new chapbook, Heaven is in Truckee, is available through The Orchard St. Press.


Stephanie Pressman

Widely published, she is a lifelong poet and graphic artist with an MA in English from San Jose State University. She brings her feminist sensibilities to midrash poetry and to ekphrastic poems on women’s art. Her poem “Self” was a finalist in The Ekphrastic Review’s 2021 Women Artists Contest. Her long poem “Lovebirdman” is available in an illustrated chapbook on


Joyce Snyder 

Since she began writing poetry about 15 years ago, after a career in Mental Health as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, she finds richness and beauty in nature and how "we exchange breath with the world, over twenty thousand times a day." Her knowledge of birds guides her to deeper truths. 


Maura Harvey

Bilingual poet, author and artist, California native, she holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from UC Irvine. Her poetry is often in both Spanish and English and brings forth the beguiling sounds of song and heart through this cultural richness. She has exhibited her art in many venues in California and had a show in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2006. 


Pearl Karrer

Her poems, in many journals and anthologies, draw from her backgrounds in science, music, printmaking and Japanese brush painting. Through her love of language and travel, distant landscapes and people vie with the present, sharing the inner rhythms and melody of concrete images. Collections: Weathering, The Thorn Fence, Balanced Between Water and Sky; available on Amazon. Search: books, poetry, Pearl Karrer.

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